BioWare Teases Mass Effect Future, Launches New Facebook App

Posted Fri, Feb 03, 2012 by Martuk

Mass Effect 3 is set to launch in March and hail the end of Commander Shepard’s epic three-game journey to fight the reapers and save the galaxy. But the story of Mass Effect is unlikely to end there if comments from Producer Mike Gamble are any indication. Speaking with GamerZines, Gamble stated that it wouldn’t be a bad idea for players to keep any saved games they might have associated with Mass Effect 3. Anyone that’s played the Mass Effect series knows just how massive the universe BioWare has created for it really is, and the possibility for story expansion is certainly there.

Gamble didn’t go into detail about any planned future for series beyond Mass Effect 3, but he did say this about Commander Shepard’s send-off.

"We want the outcomes to be satisfying to the player. That doesn't necessarily mean they're all going to be happy or positive, but they have to be satisfying. Players have to understand that the choices they've been making in this game and in previous have had an impact, and that they're an architect in what happens."

BioWare has also launched a new Facebook app called Mass Effect 3 Mission Command, which will allow fans to unlock in-game items and avatar items and DLC.

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled to launch on March 6th with a demo slated for release on the Xbox 360 later this month.

Gamerzines (via Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
Mass Effect 3 Mission Command (via ShackNews)

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Today is N7 Day and BioWare put the band back together to thank Mass Effect fans for a trilogy of fun.

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