MechWarrior Online Reveals Caustic Valley and Centurion Videos

Posted Mon, Jul 23, 2012 by Martuk

Two new videos highlight new content for MechWarrior Online. The first video serves up a look at the Centurion, a well-balanced medium class mech with a punch.

The CN9-AL removes the AC/10 and adds a Large Laser and a Small Laser, six heat sinks and an additional 2.5 tons of armour. This variant is ammo independent and is great for brawling or quick skirmishes. With 11 tons of armour it can take a huge beating, and the mix of lasers allows damage to be done at all ranges.

Providing another location to put that mech to the test, Piranha Games revealed a look at the Caustic Valley, an area filled with acidic haze and caustic heat. The temperature of the map runs hotter than usual, causing mechs to also run at a higher temperature. This will provide an additional challenge to players to avoid overheating their mechs and getting reduced scrap metal.

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