Piranha Games Responds to MechWarrior Online Website Incident

Database not breached following a December 13th security issue on the MechWarrior Online website.

On December 13th Piranha Games discovered a vulnerability in their licensed forum software for MechWarrior Online that allowed a malicious redirect script to be injected to the site that has since been removed. An update was recently posted to the MechWarrior Online forums to update the community and confirm some good news following the incident that should help put some concerns to rest.

We can confirm:

  • At no time were any databases containing personal information compromised. This includes e-mails and passwords.
  • PGI and IGP does not store, nor have access to any user credit card information.
  • Account passwords are encrypted, salted, peppered and stored in databases not affected by today’s incident.

Web and forum access to our site is now back to normal.

We’re sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.

The MechWarrior Online Team

Source: MechWarrior Online Forums

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