MechWarrior Online Launch Date and New Mech Revealed

MechWarrior Online gets a metal death machine with the Dragon Slayer Hero Mech and targets September 17th for official release.

The march to launch is on. Piranha Games today announced that MechWarrior Online will officially launch on September 17th, 2013 with its 1.0 update. Along with the release announcement, developer Piranha Games revealed a few statistics from the open beta. Just a few of the stats include more than 1.1 million registered players, over 9.6 million hours of open beta gameplay with nearly 47 million mechs destroyed, and over 2.4 billion lasers and more than 12.6 billion missiles fired.

In addition to the launch announcement and the massive bit of empire-leveling destruction, Piranha Games also revealed a new mech in today's update with the Dragon Slayer. You can see the Dragon Slayer mech in action in the video below and browse the patch notes for loadout details and information on new trial mechs.

Pre-orders for MechWarrior Online are now available.

Source: Piranha Games Press Release

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