MechWarrior Online Raises Over $100k for Cancer Research

By Stacy Jones -

Say what you will about gamers, we rally to a good cause. Just as EVE players have done multiple times with drives like PLEX for Haiti following the devastating earthquake that ravaged the area, the constant efforts of players contributing to charities such as ChildÂ’s Play, players once again stepped up to support a good cause in MechWarrior Online.

Last month we shared with you the sad story of one of the youngest MechWarrior Online fans, five-year-old Sarah Parries of Vancouver, Canada Sarah, sadly, lost her life after a battle with cancer. After learning the news of SarahÂ’s passing, Piranha Games launched SarahÂ’s Mech Charity Initiative, a campaign to raise money for cancer research with the new Jenner Mech in memory of Sarah Parries. The funds raised by the mech go to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

Since the launch of the Jenner mech last month, Piranha Games has managed to gather more than $100,000 in donations for cancer research. The mech will be available until August 20th with proceeds from additional sales to be included minus a roughly 4% third-party transaction fee.

Source: Jenner Mech Page

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