Funcom to Reveal LEGO Minifigures on August 29th

Posted Fri, Aug 16, 2013 by Martuk

Still missing LEGO Universe? A solution is coming with LEGO Minifigures. Funcom announced plans for their online LEGO-based title last year and the time for the reveal is finally drawing near. In the original announcement, Funcom described the game as being developed for “maximum accessibility” and that they will work with LEGO to “make the game available to consumers in their online channels and will be coordinating activities to provide a broad and enhanced experience for the product line.”

Today Funcom announced plans to reveal LEGO Minifigures to fans on August 29th, 2013. Press will have a chance to preview the game at gamscom next week. Until then, stay tuned and we’ll bring you more on Funcom’s new LEGO endeavor on August 29th.

Source: Funcom Press Release


Now you can register to join the LEGO Minifigures beta and get your LEGO fix online once again.

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