The Complete Neverwinter New Player's Handbook

By Jeff Sproul -

The Complete Neverwinter New Player Handbook

Neverwinter delivers a blend of fast-paced fantasy action and traditional MMO-style gameplay. Making the most of your game experience means going in with a solid foundation of knowledge and information. Here's a collection of our guides and articles to help new players hit the streets of Neverwinter at a running pace and get into the action quickly.

Class Guides

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Class Preview GuideTrickster Rogue

This melee damage-dealer class uses stealth and guile to pull off big hits against his foes.

Neverwinter Devoted Cleric Class Preview GuideDevoted Cleric

This holy warrior is also a capable healer, using the power of his faith against his enemies.

Neverwinter Guardian Fighter Class Preview GuideGuardian Fighter

This is the melee defender, using heavy armor and shields to defend his comrades against the forces of evil.

Neverwinter Control Wizard Class Preview GuideControl Wizard

This is a ranged striker and controller, using the power of the elements to damage and hinder his opponents.

Neverwinter Great Weapon Fighter Class Preview GuideGreat Weapon Fighter

This is a melee striker, specializing in area attacks with large weapons.

Lore, Setting and Game Systems

Neverwinter Beta Beginner's GuideNeverwinter Beta Beginner's Guide

Everything starts somewhere. You can start your Neverwinter adventures here, learning about the raw basics of the game.

D&D Monsters of Neverwinter, Part 1: The StaplesD&D Monsters of Neverwinter, Part 1: The Staples

A look at some of the monsters you will be facing in Neverwinter.

D&D Monsters of Neverwinter, Part 2: Speculating on the Weird StuffD&D Monsters of Neverwinter, Part 2: Speculating on the Weird Stuff

A speculative guess about what kind of bizarre Gygaxian creations players might face later in the game.

How Neverwinter Compares to Previous D&D GamesHow Neverwinter Compares to Previous D&D Games

A comparison to older Dungeons & Dragons-based games, in terms of gameplay, setting and rulesets.

The Foundry: User-Generated Content in NeverwinterThe Foundry: User-Generated Content in Neverwinter

A look at the player tool for creating new dungeons and adventures to share with other players.

PvP and Skirmishes in NeverwinterPvP and Skirmishes in Neverwinter

A look at the systems in place for skirmish-based group dungeon crawls and player-versus-player.

Neverwinter's 4th Edition Rules: Good or Bad?Neverwinter's 4th Edition Rules: Good or Bad?

A discussion about how Neverwinter uses 4th Editions Dungeons & Dragons rules.

Top 5 Reasons to Play NeverwinterTop 5 Reasons to Play Neverwinter

A list of reasons why we think players will enjoy Neverwinter.

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