Cryptic Studios Announces Big Changes for Neverwinter

Cryptic Studios has delayed the launch of Neverwinter in order to transform the game into a full free-to-play MMOG.

Speaking with IGN, Cryptic Studios told the gaming site that Neverwinter will be making the jump from online co-operative multiplayer to full fledge MMOG. According to the report, Neverwinter will be more of an action-style MMOG along the same vein as games like Vindictus, explaining “where combat is controlled by mouse clicks, and where pattern recognition and reflexes are the keys to successfully murdering hordes of monsters.”

Neverwinter Suneise

Cryptic aims to make Neverwinter a full action-style MMOG.

Neverwinter is being developed with a modified version of the same engine used in CrypticÂ’s other two MMOGs - Star Trek Online and Champions Online. Given feedback on the free-to-play market, Cryptic has decided to make all new downloadable content for the game available for free, but the developer will continue to charge for certain consumables and other items in its C-Store.

IGN also notes that the changes to the gameÂ’s format has pushed its release date back to the end of 2012, which may have it release just in time for that whole end of the world thingÂ…again.

Source: IGN

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