How Neverwinter Uses Events to Break Up the Repetition

Neverwinter devs offer more insight about in-game events and their part in keeping the experience fresh.

In the latest Neverwinter developer blog, events take center stage as the devs explain their plans to help keep the experience fresh and alleviate the repetitive feeling of doing the same thing constantly. A number of events are being added to allow players to do a number of different times such as take part in contests, join instanced events with other players to tackle challenges such as Horde mode and more. Naturally, completing these events come with their own set of rewards.

Rewards for completing these events are varied and powerful, from special currency which can be used to purchase new gear for your class, to temporary buffs and bonuses which will assist you in your adventures throughout the City of Neverwinter. Some events even feature special, unique enemies which can drop cool and unusual looking weapons and armor pieces. Of course, there is always the prestige of seeing your name at the top of an event’s leaderboard as well.

Source: Neverwinter Developer blog: Events

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