Neverwinter Buffs Summer Festival Rewards

By Stacy Jones -

Still eying a few of those summer festival rewards in Neverwinter? If youÂ’re coming up short on Fireblossom Petals to get them, now is your chance to get even more of them for less work. Cryptic recently announced that the Fireblossom Petal rewards for the summer festival have been doubled for the remainder of the event. So slaying trolls and kobalds, chasing pigs, and picking flowers will get you twice the reward.

In addition to the extra Fireblossom Petals, Cryptic has added the new Hero's Feast item, which when used conjures a feast that will heal everyone nearby. The HeroÂ’s Feast also allows the player to invoke powers of their deity and receive a buff that adds a bonus to power and hitpoints based on level.

Get whatever you want now. The summer festival comes to an end on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013.

Source: Neverwinter Summer Festival Gets More Rewards

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