Neverwinter Coins of Waukeen Event Begins

Help defend the merchant trade routes of Neverwinter during this weekend’s Coins of Waukeen for a chance at new rewards.

Neverwinter kicked off its Coins of Waukeen event yesterday, allowing players of level 10 or higher to take part in the defense of the merchant trade routes of the Forgotten Realms to appease the goddess of coins ad wealth, Waukeen. Players that take down enemies within 7 levels of their own will have a chance to loot Waukeen's Coin Purses, which can be opened for a lesser rewards or saved up and traded to the Truetrader of Waukeen in Moonstone Mask Tavern for WaukeenÂ’s Strongbox or WaukeenÂ’s Treasure Chest for greater rewards, including a chance at 250k Astral Diamonds.

The Coins of Waukeen event is currently underway and will conclude on Monday, October 21st, 2013 at 10am PT.

Source: Coins of Waukeen Event

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