Neverwinter Hosts 24-Hour Child’s Play Marathon

Neverwinter’s community team heads to Twitch on Tuesday for 24 hours of gaming to support the Child’s Play charity.

Another gaming event to support charity kicks off tomorrow as members of the Neverwinter community team take to for a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise donations for the children charity Child’s Play. Fans can tune in to the Twitch stream starting Tuesday, August 13th at 12:01PM PT to get a look at the team in action and a preview of the upcoming Fury of the Feywild expansion. Additionally, members of the dev team will be dropping in and there will be a number of prizes given away during the marathon such as gaming keyboards & mice, Fury of the Feywild Packs, t-shirts, D&D board games, and more.

You can visit the Perfect World's channel starting tomorrow or watch it via the embed below. Don’t forget to donate to the cause if you can on the Child’s Play charity page.

Source: Neverwinter Child’s Play Marathon

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