Neverwinter Launch Day Arrives

By Stacy Jones -

Launch day has arrived for Neverwinter. The open beta comes to a close today and launch is marked by the deployment of a brand new content update. Following todayÂ’s downtime, which is expected to end within an hour of this writing, the new Gauntlgrym update will be live with the official launch. Included in the update are the new Alchemy profession and the mixed PvP/PvE Gauntlgrym. Patch notes for the full update are available on the Neverwinter forums.

Earlier this month Cryptic and Perfect World announced details for the first Neverwinter expansion scheduled to launch this summer with Fury of the Feywild.

Source: Neverwinter Launch Update

Update: Cryptic has posted a new dev blog with a few extra details on the upcoming Fury of the Feywild expansion.

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