Neverwinter Previews the Drow

Posted Fri, Nov 30, 2012 by Martuk

The drow are no stranger to Dungeons & Dragons fans and Cryptic has posted a few details about the warped cousins of the surface elves in their latest Neverwinter preview. Regarded as cruel and adept at magic, the drow of Neverwinter worship the goddess Lolth, the Spider Queen, and plot to enslave and conquer in her name. But not all drow accept that path. Some have rejected the evil of their home city of Menzoberranzan and moved to the surface where they fight to earn the trust of the other races that often distrust the drow.

Drow also come with a few racial perks. All drow characters get +2 Dexterity and +2 Charisma as well the Trance ability, which allows them to recover faster at campfires. Additionally, due to their natural affinity for magic, all drow can draw on the power of Darkfire, which gives the attacker a chance to debuff its target's defenses. Learn more about the drow on the Neverwinter website.

Source: Drow Lore & Stats Preview

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