Neverwinter Producer Talks PvP, Dungeon Delves and More

Neverwinter turned a lot of heads at PAX East and Lead Producer Andy Velasquez talks about why.
Neverwinter managed to attract a lot of attention at PAX East this year. Our own Reuben “Sardu” Waters even referred to the upcoming MMORPG as the “Jewel of PAX East” in his preview from the event. Suffice to say, Neverwinter has a lot of eyes on it now that Cryptic has revealed more about the title.

This week posted a new post-PAX interview with Neverwinter Lead Producer Andy Velasquez. Velasquez took some time to discuss fan and press reactions from PAX East, Dungeon Delves, user-created content, PvP and more.

Our Dungeon Delves are still the places where you will be going to get your phat lewt. They are still where you will find the some of the most interesting bosses, monsters and locations Neverwinter has to offer and you are your friends will be challenged to take down all of the content in them. Yet they are meant to be shorter less grindy affairs than traditional MMO raids.

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Source: MMORPG Neverwinter Interview with Andy Velasquez

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