Neverwinter's Second Beta Weekend Detailed

By Stacy Jones -

Neverwinter kicks off its second closed beta event this weekend as players will be welcomed back to the Forgotten Realms to do battle with orcs, bandits, and other creatures of ill repute. The second beta begins on Friday, March 8th and will conclude at 11:59 P.M PT on Sunday, March 10th. Players that were selected for this weekendÂ’s event can download the client here. If you havenÂ’t registered for the beta as of yet, you can do so on the Neverwinter website. Heroes of the North and Guardian of Neverwinter FounderÂ’s Packs owners have access to all events.

If you plan to be part of this weekendÂ’s beta event, be sure to check out our Neverwinter Beta Guide and learn more about the Monsters of Neverwinter.

Source: Neverwinter Beta Announcement

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