Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter

Posted Mon, May 13, 2013 by gunky

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter

MMO players can be a creative bunch when we put our minds to it, and we know exactly what we like. Combine these two factors together with the ability to create our own entertainment and you have the potential for something amazing. That's exactly what we get with Neverwinter's Foundry - boatloads of potential, and some talented individuals using that potential to create some amazing stuff. 

As we discovered with our previous Foundry article, the toolset comes with some limitations - we can't duplicate the boss fight mechanic, we can't add merchants to our modules, etc. But clever designers work with and/or around these limitations , making clever use of simpler mechanics to help weave interesting stories and challenging content.

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - Rhix

Some of the best of these adventures get featured, and can be run to complete daily missions for Astral Diamonds. Visit Rhix, the kobold merchant at the DD corner of the Seven Suns Market in Protector's Enclave, to pick up the Daily Foundry mission, and then hit up the job board across the street. Eligible missions have a green note in the quest description; missions without this note will not advance the quest and don't count towards the daily mission.

But don't worry, there are loads to choose from. Here are a few top-rated favorites worth checking out.

I Am Slayer

by izatar

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - I Am Slayer

4/5 stars, 60,378 reviews

"It starts out as just another day in the Blacklake district when circumstances careen out of control! By the time the day is over, you will be etched into Blacklake legend and renowned as the Slayer!"

I was initially drawn to this one by the name - I'm a big Slayer fan, and was saddened by the untimely passing of Jeff Hanneman. But this adventure isn't about the greatest metal band ever. It's about a bad trip from funky volcanic sludge fumes, resulting in a wonky twist at the end. Bringing down the flying ship is probably my favorite part. This quest is not eligible for the Daily Foundry mission, but it's worth checking out all anyway.

The Secret of Blacklake

by Lancekepner

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - Secret of Blacklake

4/5 stars, 38,747 reviews

"After the terrible events of the cataclysm, Blacklake has become a sludge infested cesspool. But buried deep in the murky waters lies a dark secret.

"Brave adventurers are needed to raise an entire estate from the murky depths of Blacklake. But is your contact telling you the whole truth?

"What Sinister plot may be unraveling before your very eyes?

"The answers and more await discovery in THE SECRET OF BLACKLAKE."

Cryptic held a contest, challenging players to create adventures based around the Blacklake district. The Secret of Blacklake took third place. This one seems fairly straightforward, but there are some interesting RP elements that took some squirrely Foundry magic to cobble together. There's a dangerous game of Three Vase Monte in one house, where picking the wrong vase spawns in a group of hungry undead. The ending is pretty cool, too - if the Foundry supported the boss-fight-style zoom-in cinematic, it would be amazing.

This quest is eligible for the Daily Foundry mission.

A Kidnapping in Blacklake

by Winin

Top Foundry Missions in Neverwinter - A Kidnapping in Blacklake

4/5 stars, 21,445 reviews

"You've accepted a job from a mysterious patron, because you are always interested in a chance for coin and adventure. But when helping a Neverwinter Guardsman with a simple Nasher-orchestrated kidnapping turns complicated, will you be able to stop the greater threat?

"A courier just handed you a note about the job offer. You are to meet your contact down by the market in Protector's Enclave."

Another entry in the Blacklake contest, the interesting aspect of this quest is the "Accolades" - lore items you can find in each of the maps with a little puzzle-solving or careful exploring. I personally found the jump puzzle on the pillars in the sewer room to be more work than it was worth - the jumps are widely spaced and you have to hit them exactly or you fall and have to start over, and there's almost no reward in terms of XP. But some players will enjoy the challenge and the bragging rights.

This quest is eligible for the Daily Foundry mission.

Bills tavern. Funny. Best in foundry imo

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