#1ReasonToBe GDC Discussion Now Available

The #1ReasonToBe panel discussion from GDC 2013 featuring the thoughts and experiences of several women in the gaming industry is now available for viewing.

GDC 2013 managed to be both an event of inspiration and controversy at the same time. During this year’s event, a panel discussion made up of several women of the gaming industry tackled a number of controversial topics such as sexism, working as a female in the industry, working for a broader inclusion in the industry and more. The talk was well-received by the audience and ended with a standing ovation for the speakers.

If you followed the events of that same week, you may also know about the controversy surrounding the International Game Developer Association's (IGDA) co-sponsored party with YetiZen, which led to the resignation of several IGDA members.

Thanks to GDC Vault, the full #1ReasontoBe panel discussion is now available for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t checked it out yet and are curious to see what all the panelist had to say about their thoughts on the industry and personal experiences, head over to GDC Vault and give it a look.

Source: GDC Vault #1ReasonToBe Panel Discussion

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