Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes - February 6, 2018

by on Feb 06, 2018

Maiev enters the Nexus, followed by a Malthael rework and Genji nerfs.

Besides the long awaited arrival of a Hero that can counter the mobility creep in Heroes of the Storm (Maiev), the latest patch notes also bring a handful of Hero changes. That includes:

Nerfs to Genji and his Dragonblade. Tweaks to Greymane's Cocktail Talents. A tweak or two to Hanzo's key Talents at level 7 (this hurts his clear a bit, but just about retains the armor debuff). A rework for Malthael (better melee cleave, slightly lower damage)

You can view the full patch notes here, with details of the Lunar Festival below.

Lunar Festival 2018

Join us in celebrating Lunar Festival this year by completing matches in Versus A.I., Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked modes, and you’ll pick up some sweet new loot! The event kicks off during the week of Tuesday, February 6, and concludes on Monday, March 5, so be sure to complete the quests below before Lunar Festival comes to an end.

Quests and Rewards

Part 1: Play 2 Games Reward: Cute Lunar Skyrocket Spray Part 2: Play 5 Games Reward: Lunar Warcrest Banner Part 3: Play 8 Games Reward: Cute Lunar Guardian Portrait Part 4: Win 5 Games Reward: Lunar Skyrocket Mount

You can also stop by the Lunar Festival 2018 mini-site to learn more about the event and find out how you can earn ornate Lunar Festival 2018 Loot Chests just by playing Heroes of the Storm!

Last Updated: Feb 06, 2018