SMITE Season 4 | 4.1 Patch Notes

by on Feb 03, 2017

A massive update addressing nearly every part of SMITE hits the servers.

The patch notes are a beast this time around, so you'll want to head to the SMITE official site to get the complete lowdown.

Here's what you'll find there:

A complete Vamana visual update 12 new god skins New Avatars, Emotes, Global Emotes, Loading Frames, Recalls, Wards, and Achievements The return of the T screen New mastery features and rewards Season 3 Ranked Rewards Season 4 Ranking Update Season Ticket 2017 Spring Split unlocks Map Updates for Clash and Conquest maps Season 4 Item, Consumable, and Relic Updates Magical and Physical Item Updates Balance tweaks to just about every god



Last Updated: Feb 03, 2017