Transformers Universe TEST YOUR METAL TRAILER Now Live

Posted Fri, Feb 07, 2014 by Lewis B

I'm going to be cruel on this one, but the new Transformers Universe trailer has just launched and it already wins my "worst of 2014" award.

Besides the fact it shows absolutely nothing of the game (with the exception of some (assuming) in game robots) and when combined with terrible music, this isn't the way to market your product. If watching a video like this gets people excited, I'm just going to hang up my keyboard now and call it quits.

So what good can I say about the trailer? Well.. the graphics look ok and the games website is pretty nice. Other than that - this is one to watch and move on from. Let's all call back in 6 months time when there's something worth getting excited about. 


Transformers Universe is switching over to MOTA - coming this summer.

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