LotRO's Rise of Isengard Expansion to Begin Beta Testing

Updated Mon, Jul 25, 2011 by gunky

Turbine Announced today that initial Beta testing for the Rise of Isengard, the next expansion for the Lord of the Rings Online, will begin on July 27. 

The Rise of Isengard Beta Program is Invite-only. Players across North America and Europe can pre-purchase Rise of Isengard to receive special benefits including preferred access to the Beta Program.

Testing runs through 3 stages:

  1. Palantir program - Invitation-only, first wave of bug detection . Invitations are sent "randomly" to players of all account levels (VIP, Premium, F2P), but pre-ordering means you get preferred status and are more likely to get the nod. Participants must agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is what's happening next week. 
  2. Bullroarer closed Beta - Apply for this on LotRO forums. Second wave of bug-finding. NDA still holds. This will likely happen in August.
  3. Bullroarer open Beta - Anyone can download the Bullroarer client and get a preview. Final wave of bug-finding before it goes live. Probably coming in September a few weeks before launch.

So how do you get invited? Wait patiently and it might show up in your email. According to Lead Community Specialist Sapience: 

All players with an active account (that means Free, Premium, and VIP/Lifetime who are actively playing the game) have a chance to be invited to Beta. If you have pre-ordered Rise of Isengard, then you have a better chance.
I do wish to be clear; there is no way to guarantee an invitation. Also, we will be inviting more people through the course of the Beta, so just because you aren't invited in the first round of invites doesn't mean you won't be invited at all. You may be invited later in the process.

And if you do get invited, remember the first 2 Fight Club rules. According to the LotRO Twitter feed:

Reminder: Beta is covered by NDA. Even stating that you were invited is a violation and can cause your invitation to be revoked.

Keep your fingers crossed and an eye on your inbox.

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