World of Warcraft: Subscribers Fall to 11.1 Million, Patch 4.3 Coming This Year

Posted Thu, Aug 04, 2011 by Saia

Blizzard has held it’s latest earning call and has announced that World of Warcraft subscriber number have dropped once again, this time by another 300,000 to 11.1 million players.

However the company was keen to focus on the positives, including the launch of Cataclysm in China, the launch of WoW in Brazil and the rise in the number of starter accounts created since the trial was relaunched earlier this year. Mike Morhaime also let slip that Blizzard is currently working on patch 4.3 which will be released later this year, promising more content, including new raid and dungeon content and that it will be the largest content update since Cataclysm. If this is the case then I’d expect to see the PTR hit shortly.

They don't realize that people don't just want content. They want better usability and at least minorly improved features. The fact that they are charging for any new features they bring out is the reason people are leaving. Blizzard doesn't care about it's customers as people at all, just about the money. And yes that is all companies but with Blizzard you can really feel it and that is why more and more people are leaving them.

World of Warcraft has become boring - yes, you heard me, BORING. It is not a game any more - it is a zoo. A zoo of pets and mounts being handed from virtually every faction,quest and achievement- and now from the new money-maker for Blizz- the Blizz store. Blizzard panders to a select part of the masses that play, but not to the actual 'gamers'. They put 'new' content that is not new, but rehashed and remodeled - often so sloppily that it breaks the game play for weeks at a time. They redo classes,spells,races and professions in a half-assed way - leaving some classes so weak and 'broken' that people let them rot (ie.,unplayed) until Blizz gives in and performs some perfunctory fixes. DPS scaling is atrocious, PVP -both arena and RBGs- is so unbalanced as to be virtually unplayable for most. In PVE,It's gotten to the point that Blizz actually put in a bribe system to get certain classes to play and que- DPS outpaces tank threat generation so much that almost no one wants to tank- hence, these little 'reward' satchels. Healer classes that- in most times (pvp)- cant even heal themselves. The game has become a 'Frankenstein' for Blizzard- once they started on the path to expansions and patches delivering new content- there was no other way for it to go but down- both in terms of game quality and player quality. All for the 'Almighty Dollar'. Which is now their curse, because if they dont continue to churn out preschool-easy, retard-playable content- and hand out all these little virtual toys of pets,mounts and titles- they will die as a company sooner rather than later. They have sown the seeds to their own games destruction- and really, they have no choice but to open up on Diablo 3 and put their efforts into bringing that out now. A new cash cow.
But they wont be getting my money any more once my time expires next month. ;p

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