New LotRO Screenshots Show Isengard's New and Improved Creeps

Posted Thu, Aug 04, 2011 by gunky

This fall's Rise of Isengard expansion for the Lord of the Rings Online is pretty much all about the endgame. So far, Turbine has shown us images of the Gap of Rohan, the tower of Orthanc and the swamps and forests of Dunland - all of which is endgame material from the current cap of level 65 to the raised cap of 75. So what, if anything, is in the works for lower-level players?

The answer, of course, is the ability to play a level-capped monster character, lovingly referred-to as a Creep. Player-versus-Monster-Player (PvMP) will be opened up to Premium players with Isengard. Currently, access to the Ettenmoors is restricted to VIP players of level 40 or higher (though you have to be somewhat masochistic to go there before level 65), and monster characters are available to VIP players who have at least one regular ("Freep") character at level 10.

With Rise of Isengard, Creep characters will be advanced to level 75. Premium players will be able to join the Free Peoples with any of their level-appropriate toons, likely by buying access to the Ettenmoors with a quest pack. There has been no announcement yet as to whether or not they will raise the minimum level to access the Ettenmoors - level 40 has been the minimum level since before Moria was launched, and the cap (and, thus, the level of the Creeps) has been raised 15 levels since then. Currently, a level 40 character in the Ettenmoors is little more than a momentary diversion (and quick snack) for the Creeps. If the minimum level isn't raised for RoI, they will be more like those bunnies you find hopping around the Shire.

Premium players will also be able to play Creep-side, but only as an orc Reaver. Other Creep classes will be unlockable with Turbine Points. Reavers are a fairly tough but relatively simple melee class, known for their ability to charge headlong into a Freep raid, smack a few elves and hobbits around, and then withdraw before the Freeps have time to react. And there's going to be loads of them around this fall.


A den of Weavers. The colourful ones may LOOK pretty, but they're dangerous.

Warg Stalkers

A pack of Warg Stalkers, probably planning a stealthy gank-fest: "I'll Throat Rip the minnie, you Pounce the guard, you Pounce the RK... but if they have stun immunity, we Sprint across STAB!"


Even wargs are impressed by Orc Defilers' fashionable millinery.


"We're creatures of the night! We -- wait, what do you mean the KISS Army isn't a real army!?"

Rise of Isengard goes live on September 27. What are you most looking forward to in this expansion? Share your thoughts in the Comments section!

Why do MMO's always include arachnids? I hate them!

(Sorry, for being "scientific" - my keyboard is dying and I can't use the letter between O and Q ...

What i am most excited about Rise of Isengard is the new areas and especially that war camp with hundrends of Dulendings preparing for war against the Rohirrim, sounds pretty epic if its done well enough
Also iam excited to see the Rohirrim and maybe even npc riders? maybe
I would like tho the new three regions to be big and not small theme park areas
Also i would like a new pvmp area, the best for this would be Osgiliath but thats toooo far away yet on the story and progress of LOTRO so keep it for later
And i hope Helms' deep WONT be a session play, otherwise it will be not great


I would like to make an account to play the game, but..before i register i want to know if it is possible to get wrapped up by spiders in this game, and if i can get stucked in spiderwebs... because when i play Lord of the rings, it should be a good game, very real... because in lotr frodo get's wrapped up by shelob.

Please help me and answer to me. Thank you very much.


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