World of Warcraft: Blizzard Teases Ethereals on Facebook

Posted Thu, Aug 11, 2011 by Saia

You know how pictures are supposed to say a thousand words? Well Blizzard Blue Nethaera has posted a link to the official World of Warcraft page revealingç three Ethereals have/will set up shop in what looks to be Alliance territory.

Accompanying the link with a reference to Alice in Wonderland doesn’t make things any easier. Is this a hint that the Ethereals are going to be playing a big role in 4.3? Does it mean they’re the new Alliance race if Mists of Pandaria is announced at BlizzCon? (I still think it’s some kind of Facebook game). Neth didn’t say so let the wild speculation begin in the comments box below!

Just as long as the Horde gets the cooler looking race with the better racials, its all good. Kidding aside, eh they could be a rather interesting race to add, even if I don't play this game anymore. Maybe its to give the Alliance a money grubbing race as well, like the Goblins to the Horde. Eh regardless I wonder if they would really add a new race so soon, though they might to circumvent GW2 or SWToR, though I figured Diablo 3 was for that. So its probably just some Facebook game.

Still nothing new i see, adding more classes/races really isn't going to fix the fundamental trouble with the game that caused almost a million people to leave at once. 5 faction grind, armor race via an impersonal random dungeon system, strat fixed bosses, boring repetitive daily content with almost no rewards to speak of, wonky subprofession with almost nothing to use end game, no new profession recipes in over a year since last expansion launch.... the list goes on.

hey you know maybe if they actually put someone other then a marine biologist in charge of the game it might actually go somewhere....hmmmmm but that would require thinking outside the box and Blizzard really isn't known for too much of that, i mean just look at what they did to almost all of their Diablo II devs and now those devs are starting their own company.

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