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Posted Fri, Jul 15, 2005 by Boomjack

The MMOG industry went on a Bawls bender today and it took quite a while to get all the news posted. Now go read it. We even found news about a game we've never heard of before and maybe never will again.
Now on to the real world, you can't make this stuff up.

  • Synthetic Diamonds Drive Revolution

    Cubic Zirconia stocks drop by a cent halving their value.
  • Hillary Clinton Seeks Grand Theft Auto Probe

    Apparently she can't remember where she left it.
  • Video Games Ease Pain

    The writer has obviously never done an EverQuest corpse run.
  • Unborn Babies Carry Pollutants

    And to think we've been blaming SUVs all this time.
  • Pay $10k for an OQO and have an ant species named after you.

    For $10K I'd like something a little larger than an ant, please and thank you!
  • Russians Pretend They Are Going to Mars

    Moscow wins bid. To pretend you are going to the moon you must visit Siberia.
  • Dimwits Drive Into Bee Yard to See What Will Happen.

    For our next trick, an electric cattle prod will be placed between our legs.
  • Pope Benedict Denounces Harry Potter

    That's right, talking snakes, people dividing the seas, burning bushes that talk, only Harry Potter readers would believe that.
  • S.Korea Tells N.Korea Talk to the Hand

    Stop shooting at us or we won't talk to you anymore.
  • Ask the Whitehouse - Online

    Q. "How much does Canada weigh?" - A. Where's Canada again? Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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