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Tabula Rasa Class Guide

Updated Fri, Dec 28, 2007 by RadarX

Welcome to the Ten Ton Hammer Tabula Rasa Class guide. The purpose of this guide is give you all the information you need about each class including skill types and strengths/weaknesses. Unlike most MMOG's Tabula Rasa doesn't allow you to choose which class you want right away, you work your way up. Starting as a basic Recruit, you'll move on to a Soldier/Specialist at level 5 then to Commando/Ranger or Sapper/Biotechnician at level 15 and your final class choice at level 30.

Recruit - This is the common ground every player starts on. Raw, unskilled, and clumsy the recruit is trained in elementary combat and Logos skill allowing them to perform vital tasks on the battlefield. Many of the skills you learn here will be still be useful many level later.


  • Training: Firearms - Allows the use of Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun weapons. Each training level beyond Novice adds 10% damage when using these weapons. Gain additional abilities at Expert level: Fast reload (Pistol), Headshot (Rifle), and Knockback (Shotgun)
  • Training: Hand to Hand Combat - Training in hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Allows fighting unarmed and striking with weapon butts in melee by pressing the Use key. Each training level beyond Novice adds 10% damage to melee attacks. At Level 3, gain the ability to knock opponents back with melee strikes
  • Training: Motor Assist Body Armor - Allows the use of Motor Assist Body Armor. This class of body armor offers mechanical assistance that improves the ground movement speed of the wearer when marching or running.
  • Ability: Sprint - Utilize Adrenaline to increase your run speed. Activate this ability to toggle Sprint on or off. Steadily consumes adrenaline (orange bar) while active, whether you are running or not.
  • Ability: Lightning - Utilize a command of Logos to manipulate electric fields to create a strong electrostatic discharge that can kill or severely injure opponents. Requires the Power Logos.
  • Engineering: Thermodynamics - This skill increases your chance of successfully improving certain enhancements on equipment. Thermo-dynamic enhancements include those affecting Power and Power recharge, armor absorption and armor recharge. , and Electric damage type.
  • Engineering: Photonics - This skill allows the crafting of various EMP devices. It also increases your chance of successfully improving certain enhancements on equipment. Photonics based enhancements include those that affect Stealth and Threat modification, Critical Hits, and the EMP and Photonic damage types.

    Engineering: Photonics also allows the use of Salvage Tools to collect scrap metal and electronics from destroyed devices.
  • Engineering: Chemistry - This skill allows the crafting of various types of hand grenades and ammunition. It also increases your chances of successfully improving certain enhancements on equipment. Chemistry-based enhancements include those dealing with the Fire, Ice, Sonic, and Physical damage types.
  • Engineering: Genetics - This skill allows crafting of various restorative and healing devices. It alos increases your chance of improving certain enhancements on equipment. Genetics-based enhancements include those that affect Body, Mind, Spirit, Health, Adrenaline, Rage, and the Virulent damage type.

    Engineering:Genetics also allows you the use of Tissue Extractors to collect genetic material and gene building blocks from corpses.


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