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WAR: Career Overview Updates - Blackguard & Swordmaster

Posted Mon, Sep 03, 2007 by Aelryn

I like my Elfy updates.

Along with the new Warhammer Online newsletter come some high quality new images and general information on the Elf classes. In today's update we've touched up the High Elf Archmage and the Dark Elf Blackguard. If you're interested in seeing more, stay tuned for other 'Elfy' updates in the next short while.

“The Archmage is spell casting madness gone bananas. Like everything the High Elves do, they are the best at it, no matter what. Thus the Archmage is not just good at magic; they are super good at magic. This is a Healer / Caster. To be good at his job, the Archmage must taste combat, draw in Chaos energy, control it, then fire it back at the enemy or mold it into positive magic to unleash on his allies.”

You can read about the Archmage here and the Blackguard here, both at Ten Ton Hammer's WAR site.

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