Fantasy Re-Review: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

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Troubled but still intriguing: just like that crazy girl you dated for a few weeks.

There's not much new on the MMOG horizon to appease the lover of fantasy games. But sometimes instead of rushing forward it's wise to take a look back at where you've been. Karen "Shayalyn" Hertzberg has taken a second look at three popular fantasy MMOGS: EverQuest 2, Vanguard, and World of Warcraft. Today she offers up her re-review of the troubled but still somehow intriguing Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.

The question now becomes whether SOE was able to turn things around after their acquisition of Vanguard. Unfortunately, minimum system specs won't change and you'll still need a fairly decent gaming machine to run Vanguard. But the upshot is that SOE has invested a lot of time into optimizing the game to make it run smoother and crash far less. Framerate and stability have both improved. Numerous bugs have been exterminated. Vanguard is a significantly better game now than it was when it launched at the end of January, 2007.

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