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Posted Wed, Aug 03, 2005 by Boomjack

I have yet to receive a single "I broke the TTH Search Tool and here's how" e-mail. Even N. Korean exhaulted leader Kim Jong-il hasn't managed to bring the search tool to its knees.
I'm sure our crack team of technicians are rubbing their hands together and cackling that they have created the first indestructible piece of web software. Then again, they spend a lot of time rubbing their hands together and cackling. It's a programmer thing I think.
Go break the TTH Search Tool. I mean it. Go break the thing and then send me the error or a screenshot of the tool in its death throes. I may even have a little something for someone who helps us test this blasted thing.
Now on to the real world, you can't make this stuff up.

  • Kim Jong-il Shoots 11 Hole-In-Ones.

    N. Korean crazy meter officially broken.
  • Google's Crazy Growth

    By "crazy" they mean huge. By "crazy" we mean Kim Jong-il.
  • Yahoo Takes On Google Adsense

    Kim Jong-il invents Google.
  • Life Is A Race

    Kim Jong-il sets land speed record - on foot.
  • Kung Fu Science

    Kim Jong-il shows Kung Fu prowess by breaking wind with his arse.
  • Kelly Clarkson Had B.O.

    Kim Jong-il wins N. Korean Idol, still stinks.
  • $1 Million Trailer Home

    Tornado rubs hands together - points at insurance industry. Kim Jong-il still windbag.
  • Cyclist Riding on Sidewalk Hit by Car.

    Darwin says, "If you don't like my driving, get off the sidewalk." Kim Jong-il defeats Lance Armstrong to win Tour de France.
  • John Daly to Drive Golf Ball Across Niagara Falls

    Kim Jong-il to drive golf ball across the galaxy.
  • Ocean Dead Zone Shrinks

    Kim Jong-il claims responsibility, hits nuclear golf ball from P'Yong Yang to Mississippi. Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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