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WAR: Ulthuan Overview

Posted Thu, Sep 20, 2007 by Aelryn

Ooh, forced exile. That's gotta sting.

Ulthuan, the home of the Warhammer Online High elves. This island used to house Lord Malekith before he and his followers were branded Dark Elves and forced into exile. Now they've landed with the with the intent of taking back their homeland, but the High Elves are not going to give up their land so easily. See what the original home to all Elves is like and why both High and Dark Elves covet Ulthuan.

Just as the legions of Druchii warriors spill out onto the craggy, mist-shrouded bluffs of black rock, they are ambushed by the warriors of the Shining Guard. The Blighted Isle is a place of particular importance to the Dark Elves, for it is home to the dread Shrine of Khaine, the Lord of Murder that the Druchii revere.

Keep reading at Ten Ton Hammer's WAR site.

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