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Posted Fri, Aug 05, 2005 by Boomjack

One developer to rule them, and in the darkness bind them.
Turbine has posted their Lord of the Rings Online Thursday Insider, posing the question, "
Would YOU have agreed to be the Ringbearer? Why? " I sure wouldn't have. I can't stand weddings.:

"Chris "NobOrBob" Foster (Designer):

I wonder. In many ways, the great courage Frodo showed was in recognizing the immensity of the danger, and the greater danger that would come from passing the Ring to someone else. If I was aware enough of the danger, I think I would take the Ring. The real question is, would I be willing to hear and recognize the true depth of the threat, or would I willfully remain ignorant?"

You can read the Lord of the Rings Thursday Insider at the Official Site.
More LotRO information than Orcs in Isengard at

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