AA Dev Interview: Impact of "Hot Coffee"

Posted Sun, Aug 07, 2005 by Ethec

Nope, no woo-woo factor in Auto Assault!

Though Auto Assault is nowhere, noway, nohow conceptually close to San Andreas, both in its play and in its morbid lechery, the Denver Post asked NetDevil Co-Founder Scott Brown to tell of his fears and jeers regarding the video game sex fiasco.

Scott Brown, NetDevil co-founder and chief executive, said the firestorm over Grand Theft Auto is "a bit over the top." But he said he wouldn't oppose government regulation of games - as long as it's fair. "(Auto Assault) is definitely not a kid's game. I think we should be firm about who gets their hands on video games," Brown said.

If Hot Coffee isn't scorching your nerves yet, check out the rest of the article.


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