Free Ryzom Campaign Slowly Gears Back Up

Posted Fri, Oct 05, 2007 by Aelryn

Slowly, slowly, the gears are turning.

The Free Ryzom campaign looks like it's preparing to roll into action and place another bid on Saga of Ryzom in the wake of the recent announcement that it would be going up for sale.

Yup, we have been following the issue, and are currently talking to the liquidator and our lawyers about the new liquidation. We need to have some things cleared out (lists of the assets being sold, in which conditions, etc.); if everything is in order, we'll probably make a new bid.

There is no rush to rerun the campaign, as the news in the media was what attracted GF the last time, but in any case we certainly won't let Ryzom die that easily. ;p

Comment on the issue in their thread at the Virtual Citizenship Project.


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