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Posted Sat, Aug 13, 2005 by Ethec gets the lowdown on how hazard mode works in Auto Assault with Senior Dev Ryan Seabury. Also covered is class-race interaction, trade skills, and the concepts behind "overheating."

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[Boomtown:]Are there real differences between the skills of the three races for a same class? For instance, will a mutant healer be any different than a biomek healer?

Ryan Seabury: Absolutely.. We wanted each archetype class to fulfil the same combat roles, but achieve them through mechanically different ways...for each race, the skills are flavoured based on the culture of survival for that race to illustrate, using the healer classes. Human Engineers will employ beams and energy based repairing, since Human tech is highly based on light and shielding etc. Mutant Shaman will manipulate the Contamination to create phase-formed vegetation that replenishes nearby allies and Biomek Constructors deploy nanobot technology and automated mini-mechs and bots to help their friends. And of course, there are many other skills that each of those classes has beyond just repairs that are different from each other.

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