MxO FAQ for the Transition to SOE

Posted Sat, Aug 13, 2005 by Ethec

SOE Takes the Red Pill

Players have questions regarding Sony Online Entertainment's takeover of The Matrix Online, and SOE has some hard-to-swallow answers. MxO players can, however, look forward to 30 days of free play.

When will the transition from WBIE to SOE take place?
The transition is scheduled to occur on August 15, 2005. When you attempt to log in to the game on or following the scheduled August 15th transition date you will be notified that MxO is moving to SOE's Station platform. The notification window will carry a link to the Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) Station web site at which you will be offered the opportunity to create a new Station account.

In order to continue to play MxO as of this date, you will need to register with SOE by creating a Station account, submitting billing and other subscriber information, and agreeing to SOE's End User License Agreement, Terms of Service, and other rules and policies. You will only need to complete this full process of re-registration once.

Read more about The Matrix Online and the SOE Takeover here !

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