This Week's DAoC Grab Bag

Posted Sun, Aug 14, 2005 by Ethec

We reached into DAoC's grab bag..."

And pulled out more info on server clustering, DAoC's project to create more populated PvP regions. How clustering affects shared housing, players who have characters in different realms within the same cluster, and more is included with this edition.

Q: I have characters in two different realms on the same server cluster. I tried to make characters in the third realm on the third server in the cluster, but it wouldn't let me. How come?

A: This answer has changed a little since Februrary. If you did not have characters on one of the clustered servers when they were combined, then you are limited on which realm you can create characters in on that cluster. You can only create new characters in one realm on a cluster, so any new characters made on a server you previously had no characters on would be from one of the two realms you currently play on that cluster.

In addition, you cannot delete your characters from one realm to switch to the third realm. Since you already have characters in one realm, if you delete all of the characters on the second server in the cluster, you will be limited to the first server's realm at that point.

All this in more in this week's Dark Age of Camelot grab bag!

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