Ganked! August 14, 2005

Posted Sun, Aug 14, 2005 by Ethec

Ganked! Sunday edition.
Welcome to Sunday at TTH, where we wholeheartedly believe in recycling. In fact, we've never found a worn-out headline that we couldn't pummel, mince, draw, quarter, use, and abuse to get at least one more little polite laugh out of. Well, at least we make ourselves laugh.
If you're following the duping scandals that have wracked EQ2 and WoW lately, you might be interested in a little Op/Ed piece by yours truly (under the guise of the "Ask Ethec!" weekly EQ2 advice column, because the world is my soapbox).
As always, here's the news you can't make up.

  • US Olympic Committee Forces Ferrett Olympics to Change Names

    Ferretts reponded by calling the 2012 IOC venue search committee a bunch of weasels.
  • Texas Man Aims to Visit Every Starbucks

    One man's quest to learn how to order coffee without feeling like a moron every time.
  • British Bigamist's 3 Wives Visit Him at Hospital

    And no, they weren't cool with it.
  • Golf Outing Includes Strippers & Lap Dances

    One lady-of-the-night was overheard commenting on the size of an attendee's 1-Wood, or was that one attendee's... nevermind.
  • Imposter Oompa-Loompa Comes Clean

    Because there's no such thing as a "little" white lie. Announce CABAL Online Free To Play

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