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GamerGod has posted some new Irth Online screenshots. Tom Cruise arrived at HQ this morning wearing his War of the Worlds costume and a smirk. He may or may not have had this to say:

"GamerGod has acquired three new screen shots for the upcoming MMOG "Irth Online" by Magic Hat Software! "

You can view the Irth Online Screenshots at GamerGod.
Boatloads of Irth Online information are yours right here at Interviews Magic Hat Software on their game Irth Online.

MMORPGDot: Your reactions aside, how has the overall player response been? The game is still in, more or less, the honeymoon period - have any major issues popped up that you didn't expect?

Tony Pungitore: First of all, we have the greatest community of any other MMO out there. The IO community is our greatest resource. Our community is actively involved with game development and they help us at every turn to refine mechanics, content and features. So things pop up all the time from the community and as a result the game is on a perpetual course of improvement.

The greatest thing for us is to take a player concern and turn it into player praise. One issue that the players considered major at release was no tutorial. The game was not released with a tutorial so players had to refer to the manual. Players want a manual as a reference and not as a learning tool. Players want to learn to play by playing. So we came up with a tutorial for them and they praised us.

Initially players said that combat was too slow. So we revamped combat and players applauded.

So sure there were issues and to some extent there will be others in the future. But the community has learned that we are responsive and intend on rectifying any issue that arises to the community's satisfaction.

Has Irth joined the contender list? Read the interview and decide for yourself.

More News and Info on Irth Online

Mon, Jan 16, 2006

Irth has been patched.  Environmentalists infuriated. The folks at Magic Hat Software have posted the lastest set of patch notes for Irth Online, taking the game to version 1.007.

"Irth Online 1.007 Additional Changes Latest Updates Please see the forums for more details. [LAST UPDATE November 16, 2005]

  • Faster Save – greatly reduced lags during saves.
  • Prevent Creatures walking in place.
  • Selling items worth less than 1 copper.
  • Combat rates adjust with Agility
  • Food consumption rate – messages when hungry, fully healed, fully energized.
  • login messages for in areas that are guarded, arena, sanctuary
  • retains knowledge of highest skill level in forgotten skills.
  • Tame timeout - tamed creatures will go wild if you are offline or far away.
  • Guards attack monsters in town.
  • Occlusion problems fixed.
  • Teleport and gate effects added.
  • monsters avoid guarded areas.
  • particle system spheres adjusted so particles systems don’t go out of view.
  • Adjusted difficulties for herbalism. Individual plant types can now have their own difficulties.
  • Fixed moving of large stacks from bank and pack"

The recently released title has had its share of complaints, but it appears that the development team are making good on promises to fix up the mess.   If you want or need to know more, we have more Irth Online News for your perusal.

Fri, Nov 18, 2005

Landing on Irth for the first time. IGN has some new screenshots from Irth Online, the open-ended fantasy MMO released just yesterday by Magic Hat Software. The game is available by digital download for $29.99, with a $13.99/month subscription fee, and has some pretty easy-to-meet system requirements. If you're looking for a new eclectic MMO to obsess over, Magic Hat promises this isn't just another plain jane persistent-world game.

"The setting is an expansive environment in which a fragile peace exists among three diverse civilizations, the northern Arcadians, swamp-dwelling Morbus and tropical Mezoteks. Key features and elements that seem likely to interest players who prefer open-ended virtual worlds include a free-form storyline and a skill system in which it's said characters can learn any ability without racial or class-based restrictions."

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Wed, Nov 02, 2005

Invade Irth on November 1st! Magic Hat Software announced details regarding its pricing strategy and release date for its first MMO: Irth Online. The game can be purchased and downloaded online on November 1st for $29.95, and a monthly subscription will cost you about 14 bones, as they say in the midwest.

"Our November 1st release date is firm," says Alan Chipura, Lead Game Designer. "The many suggestions provided by our avid and loyal Beta testers were so valuable that we absolutely had to incorporate them, even though it caused a slight delay in the launch date to November 1st."

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Tue, Oct 11, 2005

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