EBGames Still Taking Pre-Orders for Canceled Game

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It's okay. Who cares that they're screwing consumers and generating ill will? No big deal, right?

The consumerist is reporting that as of October 16th, EBGames is still actively taking pre-orders for Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising despite the fact that the game has been officially canceled for over a week.

If you want to grab a copy of the non-existent game "Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising," your best bet is to pre-order from EBgames, because it's been put on "indefinite hold"—aka canceled—by the publisher and we're not sure how else you'd get a copy. Obviously EBgames does, because they're still taking orders as of 3:18pm EST, October 16th.

We guess you could forgive EBgames for being slow to update its inventory database—except the announcement was made a full week ago. Oh, and also, this is EBgames' core business.

Read the blurb over at The Consumerist.

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