Daily Tip: Guild Wars 2 features 5 playable races – Asura, Charr, Human, Norn and Sylvari

Guild Wars Week: Hero/Villain Concept Art Images

Posted Mon, Oct 22, 2007 by Cody Bye

What's better than a week of Guild Wars content?

Over the last few months, the crew at ArenaNet and their well-made MMOG, Guild Wars, have been consistently making headlines. First, they announced that the original version of Guild Wars had sold over four million copies worldwide since its release. Shortly after that came the release of their first true expansion pack, Guild Wars: Eye of the North, which opened up a whole new world of player versus environment combat for those players that had attained the maximum level in the game. To honor the team at ArenaNet and their recent accomplishments, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staff has dedicated this week to all things Guild Wars, starting with a selection of hero and villain concept art! Inside you'll find artist's depictions of golems, warriors, Charr effigies and more!

All the concept art images can be found here! Check 'em out!

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