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Foreas Base Missions

Updated Wed, Dec 16, 2009 by RadarX

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Credits: Thanks to Taea for Lots of Legwork

Located in the northern center of Concordia Divide, Foreas base is the most pivotal location on the planet providing the main headquarters of AFS Command for Forean operations. This area will serve as a hub not only for a number of missions, but for transport between areas and even to the less than hospitable planet of Areaki. Most missions will be well suited to players above level 11 and will them to a variety of locations including Timora Mines, Torcastra Prison, the Hydroelectric Plant, and more.

Getting to Foreas Base really isn't too painful of a journey from Concordia Wilderness. You'll take the cave just east of Twin Pillars and follow the road past the Northwestern Heights and through the Forean village of Nidu Dav. Following the sounds of combat as Foreas is usually repelling attackers on a regular basis. Within the walls you'll probably want to begin your missions in the central command building, the medical facility, or the tavern.

  • Top Secret Salvage - This mission begins with Field Doctor Dawson in the medical facility around 18.1, 116.9, 532.7. Dawson wants you to head out to the wreckage of a downed scout ship outside Foreas base and retrieve some vital research data (which turns out to be a Bane translator prototype). If you proceed out the east gate and start walking south it'd be hard to miss the flaming wreckage around 113.7, 105.5, 241.8. Harvest the crate there and return to Dawson for 1100 credits and your choice of Class II Basic Medpack or Class II EMP bomb.
  • Behind Closed Doors - This mission requires the completion of Top Secret Salvage. Dawson has a further assignment for you, to take this Bane translator down to Agent Franz in the holding area. The Jailhouse is on the eastern side just south of the tavern. When you go inside you'll go straight back to a teleporter which will take you underground. Franz is straight ahead on a platform around 107.8, 59.0, 445.4. Your reward will be a choice of a Class II Standard Medpack or Class II Concussion Grenade.

  • Care and Feeding of Prisoners - This mission requires the completion of Behind Closed Doors. Franz sends you to speak with Medic Campbell who is right behind him. Campbell wants you to retrieve 5 Bane nutrients for the prisoner out on the battlefield. These nutrients spawn as crates at 2 different crash site locations: (-5.6, 83.5, 130.2), and (-88.0, 98.4, 89.5). Expect one to have Bane near it and the other lots of Xanx. Return to the prison and face an ethical parable. Franz would like to starve the prisoner a little to make him more cooperative. So you can either hand over the goods to Franz or head upstairs and speak with the Bane yourself. You will end up with the same missions either way. Your reward will be 1800 credits and a choice of Teleract Motor Assist Armor Gloves or a Vextronics Pistol.
  • The Secrets you Keep - This mission requires the completion of Care and Feeding of Prisoners. It will begin with Agent Franz assuming you helped him. Apparently there is unauthorized prisoner exchange. You'll need to locate Agent Cicely to the west and find out exactly what is going on. You'll find her around -683.3, 159.5, 589.7 just to the south of the Northwestern Highlands teleporter. Of course, it's a trap and you'll be ambushed by groups of Bane. Help Cicely fend them off, get your update and return to Franz for your choice of Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Gloves or a Wellcare Motor Assist Armor Helmet.
  • Shoot the Messenger - Nothing like a good assassination to make you feel morally upstanding. This mission requires the completion of The Secrets you Keep.Another Thrax Conscript has something of value, so you'll need to find them and take it. Unfortunately all you have is a partial name of "Naaa" so good luck. His location is hard to pin down as he does patrol the Bane base to the south. He's very noticeable when you do see him and he currently spawns frequently enough a few circles around the base should locate him. When he is dead return to Franz for your choice of Prodigy Hazmat Armor Helmet or Prodigy Reflective Armor Helmet .
  • Encroaching on Thoria Das - If you decided to speak with the Bane this is the mission you'll get upstairs in the prison. He wants you to destroy some terraform kits the Bane are airlifting in. You'll find them to the northeast around 377.8, 851.8 near the Xanx area. When you have destroyed enough return to Conscript Thull for your reward of 1950 credits and a choice of a Vextronics Virulent Leech Gun or a Teleract Motor Assist Armor Vest.
  • Message in a Bottle - This mission begins with Conscript Thall in the AFS Foreas prison around 115.9, 62.9, 441.9 and requires the completion of Encroaching on Thoria Das. This mission is very straightforward, all you have to do is deliver a message... to a Bane inside the enemy base. Find Conscript Favale in the Bane base on the western side around 222.6, 116.9, -633.0. Return to Thall for 3000 credits and your choice of Wellcare Stealth Armor Boots, Pathogex Hazmat Armor Gloves or a Vextronics Rocket Launcher.


  • Ammo Express - Lt. Sebasitan (-47.5, 119.4, 438.7)would like you to report to Field Sergeant Hayes at the Crossroads to deliver ammunition. You can find him to the east around 394.9, 116.3, 287.2. He'll ask you to deliver ammo to Field Lt. McMurray at 107.2, 108.6, 196.9 and finally to Line Captain Dubbs in Thoria Das around 306.6, 168.0, 1061.2 but he does wander a little. Return to Lt. Sebastian for your choice of a Vitaliua Shotgun or Vitalius Pistol.
  • Makin' Bacon - Base Guard Wilding in the Tavern around 55.6, 124.5, 542.0 has a craving for some bacon. He wants Boargar hides to try and make some and guess who is going to get it? That's right. Head out the east gate and south past the flaming wreckage to find tons of them running around. Once you've gathered enough for him head back for your choice of Luminar Hazmat Gloves and a Vextronics Laser Pistol.
  • Bane Battle Plans - This quest begins with Lt. Sebastian at -47.5, 119.4, 438.7 in the command center. He wants you to retrieve some battle plans from a few bane. Head over to the Crossroads and just east where you'll find a few Bane encampments. Keep killing them until you get your drop which doesn't usually take long. Return to Sebastian for your reward which is a Vitalus Sonic Shotgun or Teleract Motor Assist Boots.
  • Dissections II - This mission requires you to complete Dissections which begins with Medic Markis in Thoria Das around 276.4, 170.0, 1086.5. He'll ask you to bring Warnet samples to Specialist Kerr at 8.7, 116.9, 536.4. This mission Kerr wants Xanx samples which can be located south of Foreas base or in the valley to the east. When you've gotten all he asks for head back for 2100 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Pistol or Pathogex Motor Assist Armor Gloves.
  • Dissections III - This mission requires you to complete Dissections II which begins with Specialist Kerr at 8.7, 116.9, 536.4. Kerr now wants you to collect samples of a Rotting Sal. What is a Rotting Sal? A very tough Machina who only spawns in one place near a destroyed tower around -79.6, 69.4, -152.8. Once you have beat him and gotten your sample return to Kerr for your choice of an Eclipse EMP Pistol or Pulse Shotgun.

  • There's a Hominus Among Us - This mission begins with Field Lt. Quinn located in the command center around -44.6, 121.1, and his task is simple. You just need to eliminate Officer Varga and his escort. Officer Varga has a few Machina friends and can be fairly strong so it's advisable to take him out first but his entire group will need to die for the update. He patrols the road south between Delta Outpost (479.7, -293.8) and all the way to Thoria Das. Your best bet is to walk from Thoria Das to Delta and intercept them. When you've taken all of them out head back Quinn who will reward you with your choice of Olympia Motor Assist Armor Legs or Vextronics Photonic Shotgun.
  • Taking Care of Caretakers This mission begins with Cmd. Sgt. Simpson in the command center around -34.6, 121.1, 426.8. Simpson wants you to kill 10 Caretakers which can be found in various locations all over the zone. When you are done head back and receive your choice of Luminar Hazmat Leg Armor or Olympia Reflective Armor Helmet.
  • Scientific Escort - This mission begins with Field Officer Hogan in the Medical facility around -0.7, 116.9, 535.4. Hogan wants you to escort a team all the way to the Foxtrot Outpost to the south. Head out one of the gates and make your way through the battle to Sergeant Hawthorne at 106.1, 84.6, -77.2. Your reward will be a choice of Phoenix Motor Assist Armor Boots or Phoenix Motor Assist Armor Gloves.
  • Retrieval for Recon - This mission begins with Lt. Sebastian in the Foreas Base command center around -67.6, 119.4, 433.5. He needs you to locate his recon officer who was last seen near the Delta Outpost. In truth his recon officer is in front of the Minos Caves giving you a nifty reason to go. Head to Delta and take the road east out of it ignoring the southern road towards Palisades. When the road splits, head left and at the end of the path you'll find the recon officer who will give you another mission for inside the caves. However your mission here is complete providing you 2550 credits and a choice of a Voltrox Bio Armor Helmet, Olympia Reflective Armor Vest, or a Vextronics Sonic Pistol.
  • The Fall of Pogonos More - This mission begins with Base Cmdr. Jayjack in the Foreas Command Center around -39.0, 121.1, 428.7. Jayjack wants you to retrieve some food supplies from the ruins of Pogonos More overlooking the trenches. To the southwest of Delta Outpost on the other side of the trench around -317.7, 77.9, -416.9. 295.8, -392.9 you'll find some ruined buildings. Around these buildings are a number of boxes containing the supplies. The area does have a Bane presence so be prepared to fight. Return to Jayjack for your reward of 3000 credits and a choice of a Phoenix Radial Repair Tool, Wellcare Cipher Tool, and Titan Salvage Tool.
  • The Daily Grind - This mission begins with Base Cmdr. Jayjack in the Foreas Command Center around -39.0, 121.1, 428.7. This one is fairly simple in nature, you just need to kill a named Bane called "Meatgrinder." Sometimes you'll be lucky and just run into him, other times you'll be searching awhile. The best chance of locating him is to start at Foxtrot Outpost and make your way down the eastern trenches. If you end up parallel with the Palisades zone entrance you've gone as far as you need to, turn around. He is usually located to the south of Delta and can be seen from the cliffs. Return to Jayjack for your reward of 2800 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Leechgun or Pathogex Reflective Armor Gloves.
  • Bringing the Battle Home - This mission begins with Base Cmdr. Jayjack in the Foreas Command Center around -39.0, 121.1, 428.7 and requires the completion of . Jayjack wants you to double time it back to Nidu Dav and protect the village from an impending Bane attack. You'll speak with Elder Toras at -459.9, 145.6, 494.4 and the attack will begin. Destroy the Bane that appear and return to Jayjack for 1950 credits and your choice of Olympia Hazmat Armor Legs or a Vextronics Shotgun.
  • Filcher Frenzy - Lt. Sebasitan (-47.5, 119.4, 438.7) wants you to kill some Filchers for him. These can be found a few places in the zone but one of the most abundant is near the Xanx around 389.2, 611.3. Once you have 10 head back to Sebastian for 2100 credits and your choice of Class II Concussion Grenades or Class II Basic MedPacks.
  • Supplies for Thoria Das - This mission begins with Ranger Tarina around -55.1, 116.4, 507.7. Tarina simply wants you to carry supplies to the Forean village to the north. Leave the base through the eastern gate and follow the road east untl you get to a fork turning north. You should see signs to keep you on the right path. Find Warrior Mala at 222.9, 167.8, 977.0. Your reward for this mission is 1950 credits and a choice of an Olympia Reflective Armor Vest or Vextronics EMP rifle.
  • Fuel Lake Sabotage/Timora Mines: Central Bound Patrol - These missions begins with Cmd. Sgt. Simpson in the command center around -34.6, 121.1, 426.8. Both of these take place inside Timora Mines so check out our guide for this instance.
  • Mining For Information - This mission begins with Base Cmdr. Jayjack in the Foreas Command Center around -39.0, 121.1, 428.7. This takes place inside Timora Mines so check out our guide for this instance.
  • In Prison: In Terror - This mission begins with Field Sgt O'Toole in the Foreas Command center around -44.2, 118.0, 442.9. He wants you to locate Ranger Ferme and kill the guards around her. Torcastra Prison is around 168.5, -1015.2 and completing this instance falls well outside the realm of this guide. She is in the back of the facility, clearly marked on your map.

Receptive Liaison Noonan - This NPC hands out all the Logos missions for Logos within the Foreas Base area. You'll be able to find the following nearby.

Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Awake Foreas Base -132.4, 48.2, 535.9
Defend Foreas Base 106.3, 137.9, 692.4
Negative Between Foreas and Foxtrot 184.9, 119.9, 134.4
Star Near Wormhole in Foreas Base 3.1, 115.9, 771.0

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, if you have questions feel free to stop by our forums. See any mistakes or missions we missed? Email me and you'll get full credit!


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