WAR Galleria of Fine Screenshots: Gallery Two - The Dwarves

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Man. Dwarves are serious about getting their castles back. Build a new castle, guys.

Few races exist in the world of Warhammer Online older than the Dwarves. Known to be the most honorable of races, the Dwarves are a hard working people who've devoted their life to engineering and craftsmanship. They let this fact get the best of them, however, when the Greenskins attacked Karak Eight Peaks and succeeded in inhabiting the fortress for the first time in Dwarven history. Now the Dwarven people stand united with one purpose. Take back Karak Eight Peaks from the Greenskins at all costs. Come see the face of pride and determination. The Dwarven Wing, Ton Hammer's WAR Galleria of Fine Screenshots second gallery, has opened. Step inside and see what it has to offer.

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