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Posted Tue, Aug 23, 2005 by Ethec

Renaults with Rocket Launchers
Loot and economy were the theme of a recent IRC chat with Auto Assault devs Scott Brown and Ryan Seabury:

Question: Will dropped loot from enemies include unique items? (not accessible from vendors or crafting)

Scott Brown: Since the loot engine is dynamic almost everything in the game is unique, at least statistically. Each base item also has a rarity to drop as well. We expect that a high percentage of the loot you have in game will come from drops.

Question: How will item drops be shared among players in a party? Will it use drop assignment, the classic free-for-all, or a crafty something else?

Scott Brown: Players can choose between loot modes when in a convoy. First, they can choose to be free for all where the player who gets the kill owns the loot. Second, they can choose distributed, where each player gets one item at a time. We mix up the player list though so you don't always know who is going to get an item next. We didn't want a system where you would have to slow down your game play to deal with loot sharing so there's no dialog or anything whilst in combat.

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