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Guild Wars Fan Event This Weekend

Posted Tue, Aug 23, 2005 by Ethec

Guild Wars Gone Wild is offering major bonuses for high level PvP arena battles this weekend, dubbing the 3-day event "PvPX" ("X" stands for extreme, apparently the "E" is silent, like in French or somethin').

Join us for our three-day Guild Wars PvP Extreme Weekend (PvPX) and get a jump on the competition. For the entire weekend, all PvP play gets you extra faction points.
Earn 5 times the faction awards for wins in high-level arenas and tournament play!

Earn 2.5 times the faction awards for wins in guild-vs-guild play!

This weekend only, gain full faction for guild-vs-guild victories, regardless of the period of time you've been a member of your guild.

Want to know more? Visit the PvPX Dedicated Page at the Guild Wars official site.
And be sure to check out our exclusive Guild Wars info at!

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