CoH / CoV Issue 11 Powersets Video

Flashy powers at their finest!

Flashy powers at their finest!

Since its release, City of Heroes / Villains has been the penultimate source for any comic book fan that's been yearning for a super hero based MMOG. However, CoH/CoV was far from perfect at release as technological limitations kept the developers from including every permutation of super hero powers that have ever been designed. But the years have proved kind to Cryptic Studios and their game, and they're drawing closer to realizing exactly the sort of super hero society that they were hoping to build. On their last free game update, Issue 11, the developers introduced several new powers and another component to the costume creator. To show you every new nuance, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has nabbed a video that displays all of the new additions, so check it out immediately!

You can view it right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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