WoW: Patch 2.3 and You - Pre-60 Dungeons

Posted Tue, Nov 13, 2007 by Aelryn

All my greens turned blue.

WoW Insider has a great World of Warcraft feature article up which examines many of the changes being made to pre-60 dungeon loot in today's version 2.3 patch.

And that's all the dungeons under level 60. Overall, these are some excellent changes. Some much-hated dungeons, especially Uldaman, just become a lot more viable, and a lot more worthwhile. I'll still probably skip a lot of this stuff as I level alts, simply because I like to solo and it slows me down to have to wait around for a group to form, but I might pop in a few dungeons instead of not doing any like I usually do.

See some of the sexy changes at WoW Insider.

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