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Posted Thu, Sep 01, 2005 by Ethec

A busy day in Auto Assault...

NetDevil's newest "prologue" feature on the Auto Assault site comes in the from of an fragmented event log from "Day 189."

I appreciate the art involved, but these logs gives me a headache. Parsing through these things brings back bad memories of long nights in Tijuana involving lots of tequila, nightmarish fletching sessions in EQLive, an female NPC named Aryclauwynn, and... well, you know too much already!

02.28.22 Disturbance reported at Enhancement Facility 5.
02.42.41 Second disturbance reported at Enhancement Facility 5 (Designated: PEC5). Camp Security Terminator Detachment A/11/51 to investigate.
02.43.10 Mastermind Agrellex Minor posits that if the disturbance is similar to disturbances on, and this would account for normal Pike behavior.
02.43.15 CSTD cautioned.
02.43.55 Consensus taken by Agrellex, Cantor, and Optimus order use of force to stop disruptive Pike behavior in PEC5.

08.00.85 Viewer visits the Auto Assault "Recon: Chapter 7" page.
08.00.86 Ethec moves on to the next news piece.


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