Horizons "Update" Q&A at RPG Vault

Posted Wed, Sep 07, 2005 by Ethec

Is "Horizons" the industry's best kept secret?
The folks at Tulga Games have been hard at work on Horizons for the last two years. David Bowman sits down with RPG Vault to discuss why Horizons got off to a bit of a rought start, the many changes Tulga has implemented since launch, the game events that make Horizons different, and a glimpse at where the dev team is taking the game in the future.

Jonric: In what ways and to what extent have you addressed these problems and issues between then [launch] and now?

David Bowman: We are quickly approaching the end of the second year since launch. In that time, we've doubled the content available in the game and completed many new content systems. Our database has been streamlined, and the hardware reconfigured. We've created a completely new Dragon tutorial, and are in the process of creating a new one for the other races. The client has been optimized repeatedly to improve performance on a wide variety of machines. The combat systems have been completely replaced, and now perform well. I won't claim that we've fixed everything, but we've made great improvements, and will continue to work on all remaining issues.

See the Horizons "update" interview at RPGVault.

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