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Posted Thu, Sep 08, 2005 by Ethec

Guild Wars Expansion Goes Live

The Game Update Notes are up and the previews will start turning into reviews as Guild Wars gets its first major expansion. Like the Warrior/Mesmer once said to the Monk/Elementalist:

Sorrow's Furnace consists of two new, large and challenging explorable regions located deep in the Shiverpeak Mountains between Spearhead Peak and Snake Dance. These areas contain the following:

* Seventeen new quests, most of them fully repeatable and offering high XP rewards

* Four new cinematics

* A variety of new monsters, including new Stone Summit Dwarves that are the strongest in the Shiverpeak Mountains, and entirely new types of creatures that are being introduced to the game for the first time

* Boss monsters named after the contest winning entries

Boss monsters in the new Sorrow's Furnace regions drop newly-introduced green "unique" weapons that are named after the boss.

Read the rest of the Guild Wars: Sorrow's Furnace expansion update notes at the site, and check out the TTH Guild Wars site for more detailed Guild Wars information.


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